About Miripa Properties

Turning houses into homes since 2007

Miripa Properties is a family-owned Real Estate Investment Group firm dedicated to providing safe, quality homes in our communities.

Our intention at Miripa Properties is to purchase, rehabilitate, and continuously help to keep our neighborhoods thriving. We also concentrate on providing quality affordable multi-family homes.

The best way to create generational wealth in America is through property ownership. Unfortunately, due to a variety of injustices that have afflicted Black Americans, we are behind other Americans. When we started our journey of  investing in real estate, we quickly realized why that was.

The Fair Housing Act was passed 50+ years ago, the law was supposed to prevent discrimination and bias to the Black community experienced while attempting to purchase real estate. But Black home buyers and investors are still subject to blatant redlining, increasingly higher interest rates, and lower property valuations than their white counterparts. In 1970 42% of Black families owned property, in 2020 the number was only 41%.

Some of the activities that increase home ownership in Black Communities is:

  • – Turning dilapidated housing into quality single family homes & selling at an affordable rate to owner occupiers.
  • – Providing safe & affordable, quality single and multifamily quality rentals.
  • – Providing education and resources to help with real estate ownership and investment.

Our Mission & Goals

Our mission is to strengthen the community through investment education, affordable quality rentals, and high-quality homes for sale.

Building A Generational Family Business

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Wealth Building Education

Meet Our Team

Masters of Turning Houses into Homes

Terrance Spikes

Current President

Ryan Spikes, MBA

Vice President/Treasurer

Michael Pack, MBA

Project Advisor, Former President

Denise Whiting-Pack, JD

Legal Advisor

Carter Clay

Apprentice, Future President